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FENS Voices | Carl Petersen: Forging new ideas

30 June 2023

FENS was delighted to chat with Dr Carl Petersen, co-chair (with Dr Brian McCabe) of the first FENS-Chen Institute-NeuroLéman Summer School on Motor Control, to find out more about this exciting new school. Dr Petersen initially studied physics as a bachelor student at the University of Oxford (1989-1992). During his… Read More

FENS Voices | Jonathan Roiser: Broadening horizons

23 June 2023

FENS had the pleasure of talking to Dr Jonathan Roiser, the co-chair of the FENS-Hertie Winter School on “Neuroscience of Mental Health”, alongside Patrizia Campolongo (IT) and Carmen Sandi (CH), about this high-level event taking place in Obergurgl, Austria, from 3-9 December 2023. [...] Read More

Announcing the ESRS – FENS joint session at eSleep Europe 2023

15 June 2023

The Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) and European Sleep Research Society (ESRS) are thrilled to announce the joint session “What can we learn about mechanisms and functions of sleep from different model organisms and systems?” at eSleep Europe 2023. Taking place on 4 October at 15:30 CET, the event will explore the complex world of sleep research.  [...] Read More

ALBA-Elsevier Award Lecture on Brain Sciences 2023 Winner

06 June 2023

FENS is delighted to announce that Dr Agustin Ibañez has been honoured with the ALBA-Elsevier Award Lecture on Brain Sciences 2023 in recognition of his significant contribution to brain health education and research.The award will be presented by the ALBA Network and a special lecture will be delivered by the awardee at the FENS Forum 2024 in Vienna, Austria.  [...] Read More

FENS Voices | Ann Van der Jeugd: Always remain curious!

26 May 2023

FENS Voices caught up with Dr Ann Van der Jeugd, a FENS member and a Brain Awareness Week event organiser from Leuven, Belgium, and the Leuven Brain Institute Programme Manager, helping to unite all neuroscience research at KU Leuven in order to advance our understanding of the brain, both normal and diseased. [...] Read More

Nomination for The Brain Prize 2024 is now open

09 May 2023

The nomination window for The Brain Prize 2024 is now open and will close on 1st September 2023. The Brain Prize is awarded to one or more individuals who have distinguished themselves by making outstanding contributions in any area of neuroscience- from basic to clinical. [...] Read More

Discover the ALBA-FKNE DIVERSITY PRIZE 2023 winner

04 May 2023

Arish Mudra Rakshasa-Loots wins the ALBA-FKNE Diversity Prize 2023 for his work toward reducing HIV-related healthcare inequities and promoting gender, ethnic and regional diversity in mental healthcare, research and teaching. [...] Read More