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FENS Voices | Nana Voitenko: Neuroscience on the frontline

30 September 2022

Dr Voitenko obtained her PhD in Biophysics at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and then married and moved to Kyiv when it was still part of the USSR. Facing challenge after challenge, her personal story is an extraordinary, inspiring example of the courage and commitment of all scientists who continue their research with hopeful resolve under the most daunting conditions. Read the full interview below. [...] Read More

The Tale of Two Intelligence Fields: AI and Neuroscience

28 September 2022

The Chen-FENS Science Writer Fellowship winner, Dr Chorghay reported on this year’s Brain Debate on “Building and understanding brains: How can AI research inform neuroscience?”. She analyses the main discussions on how new work in AI research can guide our understanding of biological brains. [...] Read More

FENS newly-elected leadership

25 August 2022

FENS is delighted to highlight our newly elected leadership. Voted into office by the FENS Governing Council during the FENS Forum 2022, in Paris, France, they represent the voice of European neuroscience and will help shape the future of FENS and its activities. Find out more about the new team. [...] Read More