• Introduction – John Foxe, EJN Editor-in-Chief
    General overview of the EJN publication process, goals of the webinar
  • Handling of manuscripts submitted to EJN – Antoine Adamantidis, EJN Senior Editor
    How are your manuscripts handled? What is the review and publication process?
  • Rigor in presentation and statistical analyses of data presented in EJN manuscripts –  Guillaume Rousselet, EJN Section Editor
    What are the EJN requirements about presentations and statistical analyses of quantitative data presented in the manuscripts?
  • Review process of manuscripts submitted to EJN – Paola Bovolenta, EJN Senior Editor
    What are the expectations of the reviewers?
  • Ethics of peer-review evaluation of manuscripts submitted to EJN – Yoland Smith, EJN Senior Editor
    Discuss ethical issues related to rigor, reproducibility and peer-review of EJN manuscripts
  • Q&A and Concluding Remarks – John Foxe, EJN Editor-in-Chief