FENS & IBRO-PERC stipend awardees

Following the assessment of the submitted abstracts by the FENS Committee of Higher Education and Training (CHET), the 10 awarded participants with a FENS and IBRO-PERC stipend to attend the Spring Brain Conference 2015 are:

Agarwal, Gautam Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, Portugal
Bola, Michal University of Magdeburg, Germany
Burguiere, Eric Brain and Spine Institute, France
Erez, Yaara Medical Research Council, United Kingdom
Gerardin, Peggy INSERM, France
Korn, Christoph University of Zurich, Switzerland
Kruge, Ingvild Ulsaker Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Labecki, Maciej University of Warsaw, Poland
van den Brink, Ruud Leiden University, the Netherlands
Wang, Shuo California Institute of Technology, United States