ENCODS 2022: meet the Organising Committee

29 November 2021


We are the European Neuroscience Conference by Doctoral Students!

Since 2013, we organise an annual meeting for doctoral students in the field of neuroscience. This event is always a success in helping early-career neuroscientists to connect with others in their field, foster new collaborations, learn new skills and share their work in a smaller meeting that encourage discussion in a more personal environment.

Who is the ENCODS committee? 

The faces in the ENCODS committee change every year, which is exciting because every meeting brings a different perspective. After the success of the virtual ENCODS 2021, a group of doctoral students, spread across Europe and Canada, is working together to organise the next meeting. Currently, the committee is composed of seven doctoral students. The fact that some of them are in their final years and others at the beginning of the journey, allows for an integrative perspective that aims to fill the needs of other doctoral students in Europe.

What is ENCODS?

ENCODS is now a consolidated organisation aiming to design an annual meeting for early-career neuroscientists. Sometimes, we receive applications from master students and postdocs; however, the majority of the attendees are doctoral students. ENCODS possesses a spirit on its own. The fact that the organising committee changes every year ensure that the spirit of doctoral students is preserved and renovated. ENCODS was born in 2013 as an initiative of graduate students at the Neurocampus Bordeaux and we are proud to be partners with FENS since 2015.

What were your motivation and reasons when you expressed your interest in organising the ENCOSD2022 meeting?

Most of us had the opportunity to attend the virtual ENCODS meeting this year. The event brought so many great experiences, we met new people and started new collaborations. Even in a virtual environment, we benefit from the meeting in different ways. Each of us had particular reasons for organising the next meeting; for example, we wanted to bring our own ideas, had the chance to practice teamwork, learn how big meetings are organised and overall make sure we create a great meeting, just as amazing as the one celebrated this year.

What are you planning for ENCODS 2022?

Every ENCODS meeting is unique. For the next meeting, we have the general theme: “Working Across Scales in Neuroscience”. The theme aims to reflect on the fact that neuroscientists study the nervous system at different levels (e.g., molecular, cellular, networks), as well as different spatial and temporal scales (e.g., milliseconds, years, micrometres, centimetres). Within this context, we hope that each attendee can reflect on their own contribution and appreciate that of others. To do this, we invited speakers from different areas, who use different techniques. Interaction is a key factor; we are planning activities within the meeting that will help attendees break the ice. We are also planning social activities after the meeting, to help foster interaction in a more relaxed environment.

What are you excited about ENCODS 2022?

First, we can’t hide our excitement to reunite once again in person, we are putting a lot of energy into the activities that will help attendees build meaningful connections. We invited speakers that will also engage with attendees, share their expertise and their journey in science. Also, attendees will help organise the next meeting too! Everyone will vote for their favourite workshops when submitting their application, therefore workshops will be disclosed after the application period.

Why young scientists should attend ENCODS 2022?

ENCODS is a great opportunity to practice sharing their research, discuss their results and receive questions that could help them shape their investigation. Aside from this, they will have the opportunity to meet a lot of people sharing similar interests and challenges. We never know, perhaps they will learn new techniques to solve their concerns in science, meet long-time friends, create new collaborations, or make an impact in someone else’s career.

Do you have tips for new timers?

New timers can use this opportunity to ask all the questions they have. Please don’t be shy, we are all learning! ENCODS is a great opportunity to learn, but overall to connect. We recommend participating in all the activities that will help them expand their network. Don’t be timid to approach speakers too, they have been invited for their expertise and their willingness to connect with attendees.

The FENS Forum 2022 takes place immediately after the ENCODS meeting, also in Paris. Are you planning to attend it, what are your expectations from Europe’s largest international neuroscience conference?

Of course, we will be there! FENS is a larger event that will help us learn about the frontiers in neuroscience. While ENCODS will help us connect with other early-career neuroscientists, FENS will help us connect with experienced researchers from all over Europe.

Meet the ENCODS Organising Committee.