Lisa Schnell receives EJN Best Publication Award 2013

11 April 2013


11 April, 2013 in FENS News

Lisa Schnell receives EJN Best Publication Award 2013

In collaboration with FENS and Wiley-Blackwell, EJN awarded the “Best Publication Award 2013” to Lisa Schnell. This award recognizes the best research article published in EJN over the preceding two-year period and is bestowed to the first author of the selected article. It is a personal award of 3,000 £.

Dr. Lisa Schnell, researcher at the Brain Research Institute of the University and ETH of Zurich, Switzerland receives this Award for her first-authored publication in EJN:

Combined delivery of Nogo-A antibody, Neurotrophin-3 and NMDA-NR2D subunits establishes a functional detour in the hemisected spinal cord. (published in the European Journal of Neuroscience, Volume 34, Issue 8, pages 1256–1267, October 2011)

The main focus of Dr. Schnell’s work is to understand the complex neuronal and molecular events that follow injury of the spinal cord. Despite early regenerative processes, functional healing of the damaged tissue does not occur. The discovery of the growth-inhibitory myelin component Nogo-A in the laboratory of Dr. Martin E. Schwab, and its subsequent neutralization with an antibody in vivo, has been a major turning point in the field of spinal cord injury.