NENS Education and Training Clusters

In its strategic decision to increase the value and benefits of NENS membership,  the FENS Committee for Higher Education and Training (FENS-CHET) has launched the Education and Training NENS Clusters initiative, which aims to stimulate and/or strengthen the cooperation among NENS school programmes.

NENS clusters 2020

Following the 1st Call for Education and Training Clusters launched in autumn 2020 among NENS graduate school programs, 4 cluster proposals were awarded.

The 4 NENS clusters awarded in 2020 were finalised, and the clusters’ deliverables are now available:

  1. MoViR NENS Cluster
  2. Trilateral course on Glia in neuroinflammation
  3. NENS Brain & Mind Cluster
  4. Advanced skill training in Neuroscience courses: a case study of Drugs & Brain

Awarded NENS cluster proposal in 2022

Following the 2nd Call for Education and Training Clusters organised by the FENS Committee for Higher Education and Training (FENS-CHET) and the IBRO Pan-Europe Regional Committee (IBRO-PERC) , and launched within NENS school programmes community at the beginning of 2022, one cluster proposal has been awarded and will be developed during the next 18 months.

e-ReproNim: A shared approach to teaching open and reproducible neuroimaging

The e-ReproNim cluster has been finalised, and all cluster’s deliverables are now available online at

Training content

Institutions in the Cluster pool the resource and material they use into a shared repository, available from

This shared material consists is of two types, which the community can use and contribute to as they see fit:

1) Class content: including slides, scripts and notebooks, stored in our Github repository:

2) Participatory exercises: including group or individual activities designed to exemplify particular aspects of reproducibility in science and support a discussion with the students. These exercises will be made available on the project website at

The BrainHack event: was held from June 19th to 21st, provided our students with the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge about reproducibility they acquired throughout the year, in fun and engaging, real-life projects.