Attendance type(s): In Person

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Event Dates: 04—6 May 2017

  • 04/05/2017
  • 06/05/2017

Nowadays, Neuroscience is an ever changing research area in which disparate disciplines converge to tackle issues ranging from the most basic research to the application in treatments for the disorders that affect the brain. Within this framework, the main goal of ENCODS meetings is to provide European PhD students with the opportunity to embrace the challenges of their research from a multidisciplinary outlook. Following this philosophy, ENCODS2017 aims to put together a group of students with outstanding scientists in Neuroscience, taking advantage of their experience and stimulating contacts and connections beneficial for the training of the next generation of European neuroscientists.

Our meeting will be structured around three main points:

  • First, taking advantage of the expertise of an outstanding panel of keynote speakers that, besides presenting their results, will also get involved in the other activities during the meeting, such as student talks and roundtables, participating in the training of the attendees.
  • Second, developing an array of activities- including workshops and roundtables – to balance the lack of training in “soft science” skills (presentations, career planning and development etc.) that usually occurs in many European doctorate programs.
  • Third, raising a program specially oriented to promote contacts and future interactions, engaging students in activities such as scientific speed-dating for poster presentations and different social activities during the meeting.

For enquiries, please contactencods2017@umh.es