The registration fee is 100 euros for FENS members and students at the University of Algarve and 120 euros for non-FENS members. Students attending the FRM, upon presentation of the certificate of registration, will benefit from a 50% discount.  Registration fee waivers will be available upon demonstrable need, and priority will be given to those presenting. Moreover, travel grants will be available thanks to the committee of ENCODS 2022 and our generous sponsors for those coming. If you would like to additionally apply for these waivers and grants, please tick the corresponding boxes and provide justification.

Each participant is encouraged to give a talk or present a poster. To apply to present your work, please provide an abstract that is no longer than 250 words.

Registration closed on 12 March.

The application consists of the following sections:

●      Personal information

●      Membership

●      General application

●      Submission

After pressing Submit, you will be unable to modify your application further. Upon successful registration, you will be notified via email prior to the end of March. After receiving your notification, the registration fee must be paid within three weeks. We also recommend that you book your accommodation in Faro as soon as possible.

The ENCODS 2023 organisation committee is at your disposal and can be contacted at If a confirmation email has yet to be sent within 24 hours after application submission, please get in contact with the committee. Lastly, in the exceptional case that a further modification to your application is necessary, please email the organisation team prior to the application deadline.