Season’s Greetings from the FENS President

22 December 2021


Dear colleagues, dear friends,

As we approach the end of another challenging year for the neuroscience community and broader society, I would like to begin by sharing my heartfelt holiday wishes.

I would also like to express my sympathy and support to those who have experienced difficulties, losses or suffering because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as well as to those who have been involved professionally or otherwise in the fight against it.

From what I have seen around me, and in many other countries, the neuroscience community has proven itself to be extremely active and resilient. Despite the challenges we have faced, we have managed to come together as a stronger community by organising in-person, hybrid and online neuroscience activities, adapting to the new research environment with new protocols and procedures, and supporting our family, friends and colleagues.

For FENS, this year has been full of stimulating events. The FENS Regional Meeting (FRM) 2021 was jointly organised by the Polish Neuroscience Society and the Lithuanian Neuroscience Association and took place from 25-27 August. The FRM 2021 hosted participants worldwide by creating an engaging virtual experience with an excellent scientific programme. Furthermore, FENS was also proud to have hosted the Brain Conference “RNA Mechanisms and Brain Disease” from 20-23 October in Rungstedgaard, Denmark. The Brain Conferences are great opportunities for people to come together, learn, and exchange ideas about neuroscience, and I encourage you to mark your calendars for the upcoming Brain Conferences occurring in April and June next year.

I sincerely hope to see a progressive return to safer health conditions because 2022 promises to be an exceptional year with the return of the in-person FENS Forum 2022. Taking place from 9-13 July in Paris, France, FENS 2022 plans to welcome back the neuroscience community with an unparalleled in-person experience.

An inspiring, diverse scientific programme will be complemented by lively poster sessions, special interest events, networking and social activities, providing numerous opportunities to connect face-to-face with world-class experts and peers, as well as old and new friends in a safe and meaningful way. Delegates will have plenty of opportunities to learn about new advancements, concepts and technological developments in their field. Most importantly, the Forum will provide a great platform for scientists of all career stages to meet and discuss.

While we say goodbye to another year, FENS will continue its mission of promoting excellence in neuroscience research, and facilitating equitable and inclusive access for all neuroscientists for scientific exchange within Europe and beyond. FENS members, networks and partners, have played a crucial role in this endeavour, and I would like to thank them for their unconditional support for developing a more transparent, inclusive and sustainable community.

I am confident that even though the neuroscience community is spread across the world, we will be able to celebrate together in the coming year. The goal is to stay connected, inspired and supportive. I hope that we can look back on 2021 as a unique learning experience and share all that we have experienced with others.

Now is the time of happiness and joy with family and friends. I wish you and your loved ones all the well-deserved delights of the holiday season and I look forward to seeing you all in Paris in 2022.

Jean-Antoine Girault

FENS President