Rungstedgaard, north of Copenhagen (Denmark)

The Brain Conferences establish a series of high-level meetings on neuroscience in Europe and are organised by FENS in partnership with The Brain Prize at Rungstedgaard (north of Copenhagen, Denmark).

About Rungstedgaard

Rungstedgaard was built in 1917 and was originally the residence of Laura Dinesen, the widow of Jens Kraft Dinesen, the heir to Kragerup Manor. The manor house had its days of glory in the 1920s when Laura Dinesen married the painter, Peter Hougaard, and the family entertained many of the leading lights of society. The family owned Rungstedgaard until 1965 when the Danish College of Insurance, known today as the Insurance Academy, took over the manor and developed it into a conference centre.

The hotel rooms were added in the 1970s, extending the facilities by more than 100 rooms. During the 1990s and most recently, in 2002, two more extensions were added. Today the manor offers meeting and conference facilities for more than 400 guests. The main building at Rungstedgaard is steeped in history and elegance. The combination of the lovely traditional lounges and the bright and well-appointed conference facilities provides a unique setting for both work and pleasure.

Today, Rungstedgaard is still owned and run by the Insurance Academy, and it continues to be the centre for professional insurance education. Over the years, however, companies and private individuals outside the world of insurance have been able to use the facilities for meetings and conferences, banquets and celebrations, and much more.

The venue is located in a park by the sea and next door to Isac Dinesan’s (Karen Blixen) family home (Óut of Africa”, now a museum), and only 45 minutes by direct train from Copenhagen airport.

Rungstedgaard has been open throughout the Covid-19 period, and they have thus gained thorough experience in handling requirements and guidelines from the various authorities, so that all guests can fully enjoy their stay while both guests and staff can feel safe.

You can read more on their COVID strategy here:

One remark: They do not prepare all servings in small individual portions anymore as starting 10 September a lot of restrictions will be lifted.

Please note: If you have recently visited any other country that the Danish Foreign Ministry allows, we kindly request that you have been quarantined for the recommended 10 days, and/or have passed a Corona Test with a negative result.




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