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Programme name Institution Degree Location
SPIN - Signal Processing in Neurons Institute of Neuroscience PhD Innsbruck, Austria
Spemann Graduate School of Biology and Medicine (SGBM) University of Freiburg MD-PhD, PhD Freiburg, Germany
SFB 936 Graduate School University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf MD, MD-PhD, PhD Hamburg, Germany
SFB 874 Integrated Research Training Group Integration and Representation of Sensory Processes Ruhr University Bochum PhD Bochum, Germany
Sainsbury Wellcome Centre PhD in Systems Neuroscience Sainsbury Wellcome Centre PhD London, United Kingdom
rmn² rhine main neuroscience network rmn² rhine main neuroscience network MD-PhD Mainz, Germany
Research Master's in Cognitive Neuropsychology VU Amsterdam MSc Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Research Master of Neuroscience Neuroscience, ErasmusMC MSc Rotterdam, The Netherlands
research master in cognitive and clinical neuroscience Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience MSc Maastricht, The Netherlands
Research in Behaviour and Cognition University of Barcelona MSc Barcelona, Spain