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Programme name Institution Degree Location
PhD Programme in Neurosciences Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona PhD Barcelona, Spain
PhD programme in Neurosciences University of Tartu PhD Tartu, Estonia
PhD programme in neuroscience and neuropharmacology Institute of Pharmacology, PAS PhD Krakow, Poland
PhD Programme in Neuroscience University of Zagreb School of Medicine PhD Zagreb, Croatia
PhD Programme in Neuroscience University of Torino PhD Turin, Italy
PhD Programme in Experimental Biology and Biomedicine (PDBEB) Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology, University of Coimbra PhD Coimbra, Portugal
PhD Program Neuroscience Medical University of Vienna PhD Vienna, Austria
PhD Program in Neuroscience, Psychological and Psychiatric Sciences, and Movement Sciences University of Verona PhD Verona, Italy
PhD program in Neuroscience and Clinic Psychology University of Santiago de Compostela PhD Santiago De Compostela, Spain
PhD Program in Neuroscience University of Milano-Bicocca PhD Monza, Italy